As an organization, we are always on the look for people who are excited about offering their time, skills and resources to serve the yet vulnerable families in rural communities. We do this through our well developed Volunteer Programme.

Edu Child Foundation Uganda relies on volunteers like you to help yet disadvantaged children, families and communities in need to realise their dreams of enjoying holistic living. With help and support from volunteers, we are able to change lives of chilren, vulnerable girls, and families in rural Uganda.

Who can volunteer?

We accept individuals, professionals, seniors, students, retired, couples and anyone willing to make a difference in the lives of yet vulnerable children, and families in rural communities.

How long can you volunteer?

The choice is yours. However, in order to create good relationship with the chilren/girls or families you meet, we hope you can stay at least one month. If you like it here, you can stay with us up to a year.

In What Areas Can I Serve?

Volunteering is an excellent way to support Edu Child Foundation Uganda! We are constantly looking for all kinds of people who can help us to achieve our vision of creating a world in which children are empowered, protected, and given opportunities to live to their fullest potential.

Depending on your passion, you can serve in a wide variety of ways as volunteer. For example, here are some of the possible areas of work  that you could be involved with:

Social Media, and Website management, Fundraising, Photography and filming, Education Sponsorship Management, Instruction in Basic Computer Skills, Child Support and Mentorship, Advocacy for Girl Child Empowerment, Vocational and hands-on skills training for yet vulnerable girls, Mentoring rural women entrepreneurs, project/office support work, and Medical care for yet vulnerable families.

Apply Now

We understand that the length of time people can commit to volunteering may vary.  That’s why we offer a flexible volunteer programme to enable everyone to have an opportunity to volunteer and make a difference. If you are interested to volunteer, why not submit a completed application form?

We at Edu Child Foundation Uganda aim to give every volunteer a life changing and memorable volunteer experience.

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By submitting your application for a volunteer opportunity with our organization, you agree to abide by our policies and procedures. You understand that you will be volunteering within your own will and that all the work you do is on a volunteer basis and you are not eligible to receive any monetary payment or reward.​ Also note, that Volunteers are primarily responsible for raising the necessary funds to finance their trip.