Photo of Daphine A.

Daphine A.

I am 12 years old and in Primary three at Goli Mixed Primary School in Nebbi District. Daphine is my name and I see myself becoming a very powerful businesswoman in the future. I am interested in studying Accounting. My best friends at school are Esther and Vivian. The three of us play netball a lot during break time. My father died 2 years back and my mother brought me to live with my grandmother. We used to have a big challenge in getting scholastic materials and school fees at home. It was not until Edu Child Foundation Uganda started sponsoring me that all changed and life became better for me at school. Our current biggest challenge is the scarcity of food at home. It hurts to go back home and not find food. It makes my stomach hurt. That’s why I want to be rich one day so that I can help many people in need.