Edu Child Foundation Uganda champions a number of projects among which are; Educate a Child Project, Advocacy for Girl Child Empowerment, Inspire Youth Project and The Strong Woman Project. There are many ways in which you can become a part of our story:


#1.  PRAY WITH US! The first is to stand with us in prayers and encouragement. We believe that the work we are doing is not our own but of God and that we are just stewards of it. Our faith in God gives us hope that restoration and renewal are possible even in the most difficult places. We see hope reflected in transformed lives, relationships, and communities. We, therefore, appreciate all your prayers for provision and strength upon the team that works hard to reach out to those we serve and for the organization to reach far and wide.



#2. BECOME OUR FINANCIAL SUPPORTER! Secondly, you can also become one of our Financial Supports/Donors through your generous giving. We assure you that, your financial contribution can help us go a long way in helping positively turn around the lives of many vulnerable children and communities we serve here in Uganda. You can join us and be a part of this story as one of our partners. TWO WAYS YOU CAN SEND IN YOUR FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION:

A) Make a Quick Donation on our Website here;  




B) Make a Tax-Deductible Donation through our Partner Organization (Cornerstone Development). Follow the instruction below:


#1. Write a check payable to THE INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION

#2. Mail the check to the following ADDRESS: The International Foundation, PO Box 23813, Washington DC, 20026 – 3813

#3. Also, attach a small note/memo to your check saying that the donation is for Account 508-002 – (Grants to Cornerstone/Uganda – Edu Child Foundation Uganda).

#4. Send us an email via the address; specifying the amount and date it was sent. This helps us in the process of following up with the transactions with our partner organization.

NOTE: This (The International Foundation) is a 501c3 US registered charity and you will get a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. 85% of all general funding given to Edu Child Foundation Uganda goes directly to Program Services that directly touch the lives of those we serve.



#3. VOLUNTEER WITH US! Lastly, you can also partner with us by choosing to volunteer in the communities we serve. We warmly welcome volunteers who want to support our different projects in Nebbi. All you will need is to fill the VOLUNTEER FORM on our website or contact us for volunteering opportunities through the email; You may also contact us via our Email: OR Call us on +256772646357 in case you desire to join us in any way. We will be glad to connect with you. Thank you and may the Lord God Bless YOU.