Help Us Build Schools For Underprivileged Rural Children In Nebbi

Universal Primary Education (UPE) is one of the Government of Uganda’s main policy tools for achieving poverty reduction and human development. Broadly speaking, its main objectives are to:

Provide the facilities and resources to enable every child to enter and remain in school until the primary cycle of education is complete;

Make education equitable in order to eliminate disparities and inequalities between boys and girls

Ensure that education is affordable by the majority of Ugandans so as to equip every individual with basic skills in order to reduce poverty

While the government of Uganda has promised to provide free education to every child, the sad reality is, they are unable to meet this need in the rural parts of the country. In these areas,  non-profit organizations and religious institutions are building up a network of private schools to fill the gap. The parents in rural Uganda often have to choose between educating their children and providing food, healthcare and the most basic of needs.

Now, more than ever, Edu Child Foundation Uganda recognizes how important education is in lifting the children and their families out of poverty.



Because of this, Edu Child Foundation Uganda has established the need for setting up new primary and Secondary (high) schools as their top priority

We are, therefore, looking for partners who feel led to support this cause, to financially stand with us in setting up these schools, a project  that will empower those we serve through formal education and character development, while at the same time enabling the communities fight poverty.

Zion Junior School

School for kindergarten, and and primary education (3-12 Year Old Children)

Zion High School

School for secondary education (13-18 year old children)

The building/construction need for a Primary school typically includes:

Ten classrooms constituting – 3 levels of pre-primary (“baby”, “middle” and “top”) and Primary 1 through Primary 7

Edu Child Foundation Uganda will generally provide a campus with:

Three single-story classroom buildings (26’ X 78’), including: 10 classrooms, library, office, store room and Sick bay, Kitchen, Pavilion, Playing field, and Pit Latrines.

Subject to the priorities already set, Edu Child Foundation Uganda also plans to build a High (Secondary) school (Zion High School),:

This shall have four single-story classroom buildings (26’ X 78’), including: 14 classrooms, library, office, store room. Also to be be built are a Sick bay, Kitchen, Pavilion, Playing field, and Pit Latrines. boarding facilities 

we can make this a reality

Through Zion Junior School  and  Zion High School; we hope to provide quality education at low/subsidized cost for the community of Jupangira Parish (Uganda) where we operate.

Because of our strong commitment to uplifting the literacy level in rural Nebbi District district; special scholarship opportunities will be availed to the underprivileged girls and to as many needy (orphans and vulnerable) children as possible.

We provide a learning environment that offers the best facilities (library, laboratory, computer labs, classrooms, accommodation, among others) so as to excellent learning space for the children.

Income raised through these schools will be directed towards covering costs of school operation such as staff payroll, feeding, etc. and any excesses shall be directed towards  supporting other programs of the organization.