IN FUTURE We hope to establish 3 Educational Projects (Schools)  that will meet the needs of those we serve, while at the same time contributing to the sustainability goal of Edu Child Foundation Uganda. Among these projects include and are not limited to the following:

1. Zion Junior Academy and High School

In a bid to remain sustainable and at the same time empower more orphans and vulnerable children, and the communities we serve in Uganda through education; we plan to set up schools (Primary and Secondary Schools); to provide low-cost, quality education for those that would not otherwise be able to afford it. In this way, we hope to also fully take part in facilitating good-quality early learning for the most vulnerable children and communities we serve in Goli, as we contribute to the uplifting of the education standards in Nebbi District as a whole.

We plan to therefore, open up Primary Schools (Zion Junior Academy) and also High Schools (Zion High School) where we shall provide good-quality education at low/subsidized cost for the communities where we operate, with the hope of uplifting the literacy level in the district. Special Scholarship opportunities will also be availed to the girl-child and also to as many needy (orphans and vulnerable) children as possible.

We hope to provide high-quality education matched with the best facilities (library, laboratory, computer labs, classrooms, accommodation, among others) so as to attract students and pupils all over the West Nile region. Through these schools, we believe we shall be able to raise more funds that will be directed towards supporting other programs/ventures of the organization.


# –   Shall have the capacity for 500 primary pupils and 500 secondary students, aged 7-20+ (300 boarding places)

# –   Provide low-cost, good-quality education for “orphans and vulnerable children”, with special consideration for girls

# –   Will mainly be targeting young people from very low and/or no-income families

# –   Will have well-stocked Libraries, Science Laboratories, and I.T/Computer labs with

# –   Shall offer education to both primary and secondary (O’ and A’ level) standards

# –   The schools shall be financially sustainable to cover all basic running costs by attracting a proportion of higher fee-paying students as well due to the good-quality education standards we shall set.

2. Zion Vocational Institute

This shall be a college for imparting practical life skills aimed at building the capacities of the directionless youth and struggling young mothers – empowering them with the skills they need to fully live financially independent and productive lives. Some of the skills that will be taught in this institute include Tailoring and Fashion Design, Baking, Candle Making Soap Making, Bricks works and constructions, Driving, Catering, Shoe and Crafts making, Hair Dressing, Woodwork/Carpentry, Welding, Business Startups, Commercial/Modern Farming, among others.