The Computer Training Center (CTC) Project is an IT initiative of Edu Child Foundation Uganda (ECFUG – Uganda) aimed at equipping students, teachers, and youth in the rural Ugandan community of Nebbi with Computer skills, empowering them with information, knowledge, and skills in information technology, a much-needed competence in today’s fast-growing world.


The transformation of the information and communication sector in the last decades opened enormous opportunities and challenges in the world. Information and communication technologies have most importantly redefined the channels of the participatory and inclusive development process. The transformation of the sector has brought about a lot of excitement but little efforts have been done to provide tailored services, guidance, and information strictly directed to benefit those in hard-to-reach (rural) places for their adaptation to the new world system of communication and work.

The challenge of access for all, relevancy, and participation have preoccupied the IT campaigns in different proportions in the developing world. For those living in remote parts of the world, like in Nebbi (Uganda), exposure to IT training or learning spaces is scarce. For example, today a lot of job opportunities are on the internet, study opportunities or centers for scholarships, and others are all online and without IT skills, those affected are at a disadvantage in accessing these opportunities. People living in rural areas like remote parts of Nebbi are completely forgotten, yet they contribute a big percentage toward national development. With the lack of IT training centers in these communities, the people are left out on ITs advancements which are prerequisites for modern-day livelihood and collaboration including employment.

As a strategy to bring about maximum benefit, Edu Child Foundation Uganda through The CTC Project has established a learning/training center for students, teachers, and youth in its communities of operation in Nebbi district, to offer training in the use and application of ITs for educational and personal growth, as well as enterprise development and Economic Empowerment. We believe that IT provides unlimited access to information, economic and social resources that are needed by all people in the world. ECFUG is convinced that providing access to IT skills, will empower its beneficiaries with key knowledge and skills to make effective decisions, open wide learning and employment opportunities, and also build capacity to use IT within their rural community contexts for fostering development.

Therefore, well aware of the need to provide information, knowledge, and skills in rural Uganda, especially among the younger generation, ECFUG under The Computer Training Initiative has established the learning center as a service facility center where students, teachers, and other young people in the communities of operation will have an opportunity to receive training in Computer skills, have access to Internet and email, a much-needed skill for the 21st-century world.


The CTC Initiative targets to benefit three groups namely; students, teachers, and Vulnerable Out-of-school Community Youth.


In the entire Nebbi District, there’s hardly any school that offers computer literacy programs for students in lower primary/secondary schools, yet it is such a critical skill today. As a result, these students graduate from these schools short of the vital IT competence that puts them at a disadvantage in the competitive marketplace they end up in.


Because of the poorly equipped and facilitated learning or education system in Uganda, a lot of teachers especially those in primary schools do not have the chance to access IT Skills. As a result, the majority of Primary School Teachers especially those in remote parts of the country like Nebbi hardly have IT competence. Consequently, ECFUG, through the CTC Initiative has opened up an opportunity for teachers within Nebbi District interested in acquiring the basic knowledge in computer and information technology to enroll and benefit from this project in order to better their educational competency and harness a good chance at competing in the market place.


The CTC Initiative is also benefiting Vulnerable Out-of-school Community Youth who have no livelihood skills with the basic IT skills and graphics designs to empower them with vital IT employment/employable skills through which they can have a source of income.


The CTC is equipped with ten (10) laptops, 1 LG Monitor (24” Flat Screen), sharing one printer, and an information resource center. Members of the community especially students, teachers, and the youth now have an opportunity to come and receive training in computer skills, as well as/and read the information in the resource center. With time, we envision that the CTC Initiative will need to acquire reading materials for general knowledge as well as in basic computing for learners to have access to information related to the different areas they are developing in off-training time. Additionally, on top of learning basic computer skills, we will also to train the learners with basic Internet Use and this will require a wireless Internet tool in order to have full-time access to the Internet. Through this, we hope the learners will explore ways and means of exploiting IT benefits.

The CTC Project commenced operation on March 22nd, 2021, and shall be officially launched on Saturday 3rd April 2021. The training center opens daily from 8.00 AM and closed late at 5.30 PM every day (Monday to Saturday) to ensure that those who want to study computer skills get the time and attend the late session.

The CTC Initiative specifically focuses on the computer illiteracy/information gap in the communities served in Nebbi and targeting to benefit students, teachers, and young people in the community. It is housed at the ECFUG office located on Plot 30-32, Goli-Kei Road, Nebbi Municipal Council. Two volunteers are employed to run the CTC project as trainers.