The youth are a critical force in the development of any society!

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world; with over 65% of its 40 Million people being below 35 years.

It is paramount to give youth more concern to get maximum benefits from their capabilities to advance community progress, as they possess dynamic power for change whether politically, socially, or economically.

Unfortunately, a big percentage of African youth still lack access to quality education or are victims of school dropouts; let alone the fact that about 162 million of the youth in Africa continue to live in poverty – with less than one US dollar a daily, leaving them as the most marginalized category of the continent’s population by large in connection to socio-economic and political participation putting them in very desperate and vulnerable states, hence, prone to instigation of conflicts and violence. 

We believe skills do change the lives of many young people today. That is why, at ECFUG through the iNSPIRE Youth Program;

we are committed to providing employable skills, incentives, mentorship and connections that enable underprivileged youth in Nebbi's rural areas in which we operate, to transit from lives of crime, idleness, drug abuse, and poverty to lives of productive occupation. As part of the program, the youth are equipped with vocational, entrepreneurial, financial literacy, soft and hard skills for livelihood.

Through iNSPIRE Youth Program, we are empowering the youth to develop into resourceful and responsible members of their communities - molding their holistic transformation spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and economically (financially).

Engaging The Youth Through Soccer

Keno Hot Stars FC

Changing Lives, Impacting Communities

With high cases of school dropouts mainly fuelled by poverty, many young boys in rural communities are left vulnerable to aimless living and peer pressure, as they resort to drug abuse and crimes in their communities.

Through soccer, ECFUG has continued to unite young boys and men in Jupangira sub-county (Nebbi, Uganda), as they play the game of soccer together. Since 2015 when the soccer club was established, there has been a substantial drop in crimes and levels of drug abuse in the communities served as most of the youth who would otherwise be idle, have found a space within the club that support their physical and personal development as they play and interact with others. 

Many youths have testified that the soccer club has not only provided both the community and confidence that continue to shape their lives on and off the field, but also the space where they have learned the importance of hard work, and teamwork.

What Makes You Come Alive?

Drawing Positive Energy | Engaging The Body And The Mind | Activating Joy From Within

Livelihood Skills

Empowered To Thrive

In empowering the youth in Uganda  we are committed to; 1] training their minds to think creatively and optimistically 2] training their hearts (character development) 3] training their hands (skills for livelihood)