The Corona Virus Pandemic has spread all over the world, becoming a global pandemic. The spread of the virus has since brought governments and countries all over the world to a standstill, with almost all major institutions shut-down, and all community/social gatherings including businesses banned leaving only essential ones.

Uganda, has consequently not been spared as strong and tighter regulations including staying home have been imposed since March 20th, 2020, and this has been extended up-to-date as more cases of the virus in the country are unearthed every day. For now, over 60 Days of the lockdown in Uganda, a lot of families are struggling and most of all, those in peri-urban communities and the rural poor as cases of unemployment rise and resources for sustaining livelihood seem to get scarce.

Additionally, looking at the poor state of health facilities and medical services in most developing countries, including Uganda, the thought of a wide-spread scenario of COVID-19 puts thousands or millions of lives of those in most vulnerable states at very high risk. It is, therefore, against this background, that Edu Child Foundation Uganda preferred to take a strong stand on prevention of this dangerous scenario in remote communities of Nebbi District (Jupangira Sub-county), stepping in to provide preventative solutions such as providing much-needed handwashing kits to major social and community centers, as well as engaging in community sensitization efforts to raise awareness about the threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting basic prevention measures at homesteads in the communities of reach.

Additionally, Edu Child Foundation Uganda, besides carrying out sensitization about staying safe in the communities in Nebbi, also decided to complement government efforts on food distribution; giving a special helping hand to the communities served, especially to address the extreme hunger cases in the villages as a number of people have been staying 2-3 days without food, especially those who mainly depended on daily income and this category constitutes the majority of the labor force in the country. Through this drive, we have been able to provide much-needed food supplies such as rice, cornflour, cooking oil, beans, and salt to at least 90 families that could push them for about a month.

Our office is open and operational and actively engaged in positive community engagements, helping offer redress to the spread and impact of COVID-19 in the communities that we serve here in Uganda.

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We love to appreciate and celebrate our people and today is not any different. We say happy birthday to our on ground captain of the ship, our programs manager Liberty Adubango! You serve diligently and care even more about the people we serve. We honor and celebrate you today! With long life God will satisfy you. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is how we concluded this week - with one more training for local council chairpersons (I & II) and sub-county councilors from Jupangira Sub-county on COVID-19 - sharing key information about this pandemic and how local community leaders can step up to spread vital knowledge on how to prevent its spread within their different jurisdictions.

We are grateful to all those who have continued to stand with us, encouraging and supporting us to be part of the solutions to the challenges we are facing at such a time as this.

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Effective Monday 18th May, we are spending 10 days in our Jupangira Sub-county sensitizing homesteads on precautionary measures to avert the spread of COVID-19, helping pass vital and most needed information about this dangerous pandemic, door-to-door.

We are grateful to our team of well-trained Village Health Teams (VHTs) who are putting in their best efforts to ensure every homestead within Jupangira Sub-county is visited.

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We are filled with so much gratitude for yet another opportunity to positively contribute to the numerous efforts in ensuring the safety of the people we serve in Nebbi District amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. We are very grateful to Action for Rural Women's Empowerment - ARUWE in Partnership with Signpost International for their generous donation of these 7 hand-washing kits headed for community social centers and markets in the Sub-county of Jupangira, through the Nebbi District Covid-19 Task-force. These are coming along with awareness raising posters and face-masks for the communities.

We are so grateful that, in such a season as this, we still have the opportunity to positively contribute to improvement of quality of life of those we serve, in the communities of our operation.

#bethelight #raisinganempoweredgeneration
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Today a family will sleep better because of your generosity and giving. As more and more people donate, more and more people receive food. Over the weekend we were able to give 40 families each with an average of 5 individuals, a package consisting of 10kgs of maize flour,4kg of beans, 2packets of salt, a half litre of cooking oil and a bar of soap.

To our partners, thank you for constantly giving and standing in the gap in this difficult period, we are definitely blessed to be a blessing.

For those who want to be apart of our food drive in Nebbi, you still have an opportunity to give and donate through the Edu website The responsibility of God's people lays with all of us.
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