NOTE: Thank you for choosing to partner with us financially. If your donation is meant for Child Sponsorship, please leave us an email via our address; highlighting your details and the name of the child for whom the funds have been transmitted. This helps us in proper record keeping and accountability. Thank you!


1] From the platform above, choose a method of Donation (Mobile or Card most preferred)
2] Select the drop-down for currency and choose that which applies to your transaction
3] Input the amount to be Donated
4] Input your PayPal Email Address/Telephone Number
5] Click the Donate Button (below your email address/Telephone Number) – that contains the Donation Amount
6] You will be redirected to your PayPal Account (or receive a command on your phone if you’re using Mobile Money method) – from here you can now log in and/or Authorize Payment.

100% of all funding to Edu Child Foundation Uganda goes directly to financing program activities in the communities we serve, and 80% of our work is focused on the promotion of the rights of Vulnerable Children and the Girl Child. Your generous donation supports Edu Child Foundation Uganda’s vital work of ensuring children, women and vulnerable youth in Uganda have access to at least the most basic human rights: education, clean water, food, health care, and economic opportunities.