Who We Are

Edu Child Foundation Uganda (www.ecfug.org) is a registered charitable organization based in Nebbi District (Uganda) with a strategic vision of creating a world in which children are empowered, protected, and given opportunities to live to their fullest potential. This we are doing by tackling illiteracy, early marriage, and poverty affecting the underprivileged in Ugandan rural communities. 

Our current program areas include 1] the provision of education sponsorship opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children, 2] promotion of STEM education in rural communities served in Uganda, 3] advocacy for girl child empowerment, 4] micro-enterprise development for vulnerable groups, 5] community health, among others.

The Education Challenge

There are many barriers to education in Sub-Saharan Africa: not enough schools, not enough teachers, not enough resources. These are macro problems that concern governments, the World Bank, and the UN. On the ground, however, at the level of families trying to make decisions about the education of their children, there is generally one overriding barrier: COST. Most of living in the developed world are not aware that poor families must spend 33% or more of their total household income on school fees and other education expenses.  Fortunately, of all the barriers to education, school fees may be the easiest to resolve, at least when viewed from the perspective of a single child. ECFI Inc. is dedicated to resolving the school fees crisis, one donor and one child at a time.

Sponsor S Child Today

The impact even small donations can make to a child and his or her family in rural Uganda where we work through our partners at Edu Child Foundation Uganda is enormous.  The average cost to send one rural Ugandan child to school (fees, uniforms, books, school supplies, etc,) for ages 5 to 12 is only $240 a year, and $350 a year for ages 13 to 18.

You can sponsor a child’s education and give them an opportunity to learn, grow and prosper.  Please consider becoming an ECFI Inc. Child Sponsor and permanently change one child’s future. By choosing to become a child sponsor today, you will help turn the lights on for an underprivileged child in rural Uganda?