We want to greatly appreciate you all for the continued commitments and love you have lavished upon us over the years. We have come from a far. With little baby steps, here we are.

The 2019 Academic Year starts this February for majority of our children. That usually mean, we have to ensure each of the 73 children is fully equipped with all the school requirements such as scholastic materials, school uniforms and fees as they step into their classrooms. We are so grateful to all our Miracle Workers who have stood with us to make this possible each school year and each academic term – YOU KNOW YOURSELVES. Thank you so much.

And again, we are humbled that as 2019 academic year opens, 4 of our children are gonna be stepping into high school for their first time, a dream they once thought was impossible is finally coming alive. Out of thousands who sat for the same exams and failed – these four made it through and sailed with flying colors. We give all the Glory back to God.

And now we have another opportunity to send these amazing souls back to school.

Would you love to join us in ensuring they are fully equipped to start their new academic term with all they need? Your support could go a long way in changing an entire society by educating just this one soul. We have opportunities to bless them with scholastic materials, school uniforms, school bags, shoes and school fees. In whatever way you feel led, please reach out to partner with us in this great cause. And yes, 80% of these scholarships go towards educating the girl child. You can reach our Director on +256-774-263421 or send us an Email at