Today we summed up the weekend in a special way – visiting two schools with a mission of meeting with all our 73 children along with their parents/guardians within two days. Yes we did it again – we are so glad to let you all know that all our 73 children are now fully geared up for the new term that starts on Monday.

School fees, Books, Pens, Pencils, Rubbers, Rulers, Tooth Paste, and tooth brush – all ticked for each of them. We had so much good time laughing loud together but also learning and getting fired up for the new school term.

We are grateful to God for the opportunities He has given us to experience and share this unconditional love with those around us each day that passes by. And to our super heroes who make this happen; we can’t thank you enough. #Gratitude #Raisinganepoweredgeneration #EducatingGirls