Let’s introduce you to one of our star children from our Educate a child project. Please meet JORDAN MUGISA.
Jordan just begun level 1 (Primary One) of formal education in February, 2017 as one of the many vulnerable children we support through our education sponsorship program. He just turned 6 years in June, 2017. His story is not way different from those of many other children in our projects.

Jordan is an orphan whose dad passed on in a motorcycle accident in 2014. His dad was the main bread winner in the family. By the time he (dad) died, Jordan was just 3 years old. His mom, who never acquired any formal education in life, only knew how to do a little farming, enough to only provide food for the family, a very common story for most of the women in this community. She reached a point when she realized she could no longer provide for Jordan and decided to hand him over to his grand parents.

Because of this, Jordan never had any chance to join any kindergarten or early learning centers. He stayed home for all this while till we found him and decided to take him to school. At about 6 years by the time we found him, Jordan just started to learn basics of A B C D….or 1,2,3,4,5…. at primary one. From his story, he always yearned to also be in school like other children, but because his grandparents couldn’t afford to pay his tuition, Jordan had no access to this fundamental right.

Today, Jordan finally has an opportunity to be in school and his hopes for having a bright future is rekindled. Thanks to all the wonderful friends and families around us who have generously given to this cause to ensure many children such as Jordan, have full access to this fundamental basic right, “EDUCATION.” Thank you.