Part of our Wonderful Team

Today we want to celebrate these three amazing souls; Kennedy Mungujakisa (Project Coordinator), Hope Cherry (Discipleship/Character Development Coordinator) and Pimer Rogers (Field Coordinator) – the team that makes all the magic happen in the communities we serve in Nebbi.

These guys are so sold out to the ideal of limitless love and compassion for the most vulnerable in the communities we serve. They go hard to ensure all the children under our care are living at their best with no limits. They pour out their lives day in and day out into the communities – selflessly reaching out to ensure all those we serve are fully empowered to live up to their highest God-given Potentials.

A lot that we have been able to accomplish to this far have come alive because of these passionate God loving and community loving beings. We celebrate them today. With them, the sky is surely the beginning.