There’s a huge number of young men from the communities we serve in Jupangira and Pawong Parishes – Nebbi district who have dropped out of school and these are in the categories of teenagers and those in their early 20s. As a result, you will usually find these youth seated idle by the roadside; unemployed/unemployable and a number of them engaged in drug abuse and gambling in the community; among other social vices. Since we started serving in these communities; we felt convicted to do something about it and hence we launched the “iNSPIRE Youth Project” – a youth empowerment initiative aimed at engaging the youth productively.


iNSPIRE Youth Project is an initiative that is helping keep the youth in the communities we serve in Nebbi; engaged in productive activities that promote talent and personal development instead of greater personal and community transformation! The major vision for this initiative is to inspire the youth to develop into resourceful and responsible members of their community by providing opportunities for their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and leadership development.

To begin with, in October 2015 on forming this initiative; we organized the youth in the villages to establish the first youth project which is a soccer club (KENO HOT STARS F.C) that would attract the idle young men and keep them engaged. The soccer club is made of three different teams consisting of the junior team (mainly early teens), the middle team (the late teens) and the main team (mature group in the early 20s).


KENO HOT STARS F.C has since grown and continues to be a major attraction for many youths in the community and beyond and has been so involved in regional tournaments within the region. They recently won a major tournament in the region and continue to become a powerful growing club that we hope in future shall help raise some of the best soccer players from the East African Region.

The majority of the youth we are reaching out to in these communities are school dropouts, unskilled and many have been engaged in drug abuse. Through the years we have also introduced other initiatives in this project most profoundly; Creative Arts (Painting, Music Dance and Drama). In the future, we plan to establish a vocational training center to provide these youths with opportunities to learn some fundamental practical skills such as woodwork, house construction, welding, machine repairs, among others to equip them with abilities to earn a living and being productive members of societies. We are still processing through ideas that can help keep the youth quite engaged in the communities we serve. Any support towards empowering this initiative is highly appreciated!